The Greening of Sean Seamour III

May 21, 2008 in L'histoire de Sean Seamour II, Sean Seamour II log of events

After the loss of our Sean Seamour II between Cape Hatteras and Bermuda last May 7th I was in quandary to define what Sean Seamour III should be (see on this blog Final Log , en Français Le Récit).
My wife Mayke had long insisted that we should have a silent boat (no
diesel engine to smell or hear) and a catamaran for it offers a stable
platform. I had long insisted that we would never have a boat that
could not right itself from a 180°. After the events of May 7th,
moving to a Catamaran is no longer a debate, on the other hand, silent
clean propulsion remains both her desire and my curiosity.

Living on the Mediterranean where wind is
either overly abundant or non existent (sailing to Corsica is often
motoring there), we opted for a Nauticat 33 motorsailor. A stable
platform with a deep keel, decent sailing performance with its extended
ketch rig, foremost, a great platform to experiment its transformation
into a diesel-electric hybrid as a first step before, we hope a fuel
cell electric drive as these energy generation technologies mature.
Through our new GreenBoat BateauVert website we would like to share our ideas, trials and
tribulations, as well as create an interactive repository of knowledge
and references on the state of the art and where it may be going.
Please don’t hesitate to share and contribute, we are all breaking

In the months ahead we will be looking at
all the facets of going green. This means breaking down the technology
blocks constitutive of a green system, looking at who and what is
present and or emerging. We will study the performance and suitability
for our project. We are also keeping a sharp eye on new technologies in
related areas in an effort to see when and if technology migration, or
perhaps we should use the term crossover, may come to benefit green
boat adventures where ever they may be.

We have already laid foundations at and hope players from all horizons will come
and join our Green Boat Adventure, manufacturers and inventors, system integrators
and installers, yards and craftsmen-mariners like us.

L’Aventure BateauVert a pour objet de suivre et analyser les nouvelles technologies de propulsion et de la production et le stockage de l’énergie pour la navigation de plaisance et hauturière. La mise en œuvre de ces technologies sur le Nauticat 33 Sean Seamour III permettra une amélioration de notre environnement marin par des choix validées.
The Greening of Sean Seamour III is a long term project designed to monitor and analyze new and emerging technologies important to bettering our environment and to help mariners and sailors who aspire to go green choose and implement the appropriate solutions. A Nauticat 33 is the test bed for maturing technologies sailing towards a future phase-out of fossil fuels. We invite you to join our crew of mariners from around the world who seek to make the sea a greener place to be.

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