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July 10, 2008 in ART

This is an image of our Camp de la Suyère, our retreat deep in the Maures mountain range overlooking the Gulf of Saint Tropez. It is just far enough to avoid the summer hustle and bustle while close enough to meet Jean Pierre’ passion: to be on the water within minutes.

After the terrifying loss of  Sean Seamour II in May of 2007 and our subsequent landlocked state he began to plan Sean Seamour III which has since moved on to number IV. In the meantime I delved into my new studio finding new sources of inspiration you can find in the gallery window of my website and here in Français  I will soon post pictures of the atelier itself.

As not all my work was presented on the old website, at the request of those interested I have begun to post some of my older work on the new site under Earlier Works, notably some commissions and items in private collections. Unfortunately some are from scanned photographic material. There is of course much more of my work available on my website

Just a teaser :


I would love your feedback on what you think of these paintings and of course what I am doing now. Most of my rcent work is in galleries, the lead is Galerie Sens Intérieur where Bruno Bernard wil be happy to walk you through my most recent work.

The painting below that was to become Camp de la Suyère was made two
years before we discovered our little hidden hamlet full of history. The palm tree isn’t that big but our home is effectively composed of three buildings of which one is separate and has become my studio.

Camp de la Suyère
Oil on Canvas 80cm X 80cm

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