Mayke’s 2014 Exhibition

September 6, 2014 in ART

Much the inspiration driving Mayke this year started with our incredible road trip across the United States in an Airstream Land Yacht. If the “yacht” notion took us back to our blue water sailing days this time the waypoints were more constrained, beginning south of Tampa Florida across the southern states to Big Sur south of San Francisco.  LY-on-Colorado-River
As I logged 10,000 kilometers behind the wheel Mayke clicked well over a thousand photos on her iPad. We never made it to SF, captured by the beauty of Big Sur and the Carmel area our imaginations were saturated with image overload. We decided to turn about and set sail back to Florida where we dropped off the RV in the hope of finding another happy owner, then flew home to the peace of our mountain retreat.

The overload needed an exhultery, for Mayke it meant taking refuge in her studio while I planted this year’ veggie garden. On my way to and from the garden I would stop by her studio where she was pinning to a wall captured images, it became her “railroad” as Bruno calls it, sketches, images, stories and lasting impressions that would soon be put to canvas.
Below is part of her railroad followed by a carousel of this year’s work also presented in Mirror de l’Art. The exhibition opened September 5th at the Gallery Sens Interieur.


The show opened last night until October 4th at the Gallery Sens Intérieur in Port Cogolin on the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Enjoy!


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