Of my battles of human history

August 16, 2009 in ART

This new posting celebrates two events, the inauguration of the Studio-Gallery Suyère close to my Atelier and my most recent work that will be exhibited for the next three months.
Galerie Suyère
 Hameau du Camp de la Suyère, 83680 La Garde Freinet, France  email: artseaprovence@yahoo.com

I have discovered through my usual empirical process a parallel with my relationship to the canvas and my new work on the Battles of Human History

When painting my battles I attack, Jab, scratch and wipe out;
I attack whip and lash out;
I kill kill with knife, bayonet, slash it, shoot it, hack it fighting the battle on canvas…
Fire, fire, the canvas is the enemy and I fight it to the very end.

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