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March 22, 2009 in About me

       Mayke Sassen – Provence, France

A visual artist I studied the Beaux Arts and Theater in Amsterdam, although essentially an autodidact, I was influenced by the COBRA, notably by Corneille. I was a drama teacher for years before dedicating exclusively to visual arts. At my website http://www.mayke-sassen.com and through the pages and posts of ArtSeaProvence one can see the very eclectic nature of my work influenced by these different life experiences, the different worlds in which I have lived and expressed my art.

I call my style “Realistic” since I, as the observer, change the actual world around me, the world and I interact, I reveal a reality that is behind visible things.

Port Grimaud, Le Fer à Cheval oil on vantas 100x90cm (private collection)

Port Grimaud, Le Fer à Cheval oil on vantas 100x90cm (private collection)

Through an independence of mind and eye, I see my work providing an expression with innocent sophistication, simplification,

often a modern expressionistic style with storytelling line.

Some have described my work as belonging to the naïve style; true in the sense that I try to simplify scenes and things in an unconventional, unsophisticated
manner; inspired by medieval painters and sculptors as well as primitive art.

Over the past fifteen years I have lived in different areas of Provence for, after Port Grimaud, then the Luberon our longing for the sea prevailed and now I live

in the Camp de la Suyere, a quiet hamlet deep in the Massif des Maures mountain range near La Garde Freinet overlooking the Gulf of Saint Tropez.






Although I have the most often shunned the public eye,
preferring to work on commissions and through a network of collectors
who over years and continents have absorbed most of my work, I have
engaged in successful exhibitions in Holland, Japan and Nigeria.

The “insouciance” of youth left little visual memory of these events, some of the scanned work from Africa is on my website.

Before coming back to this region of Provence (see my works on Port Grimaud) I had a “living gallery” with my husband, a“Hotel de Charme”   in the Luberon region of Provence.

from the website I designed for the Auberge du Presbytere in Saignon

The flow and appreciation of the Auberge’ guests and the insatiable appetite of some for my work has reconciled my timidity from the public eye.





Visit the inn’s website I designed in illustrative form and the artwork in and about the rooms


Chambre Jardin, if you click on the image it will take you to the 16 guestrooms in real as well as illustrative form

it’s another dimension to my portfolio http://www.auberge-presbytere.com.


Beyond the private collections for the most part in Europe world to include Imperial College in London, in California and in Florida

Imperial College, London

I have works in many corners of the world such as the University of Louvain in

Belgium’ University of Leuven, Belgium school of urban development or Shell headquarters in Lagos Nigeria and again Shell Center London.


hello hello... goes the painting oil on canvas 90 x 90cm (private collection)

hello hello… goes the painting oil on canvas 90 x 90cm (private collection)


Come in and visit, see my current work on my website or drop in at  my lead Gallery Sens Intérieurin the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Bruno Bernard will be happy to show you my work.










Mayke Sassen in front of her studio

Mayke Sassen in front of her studio


Hands & Feet book illustration Mayke Sassen visual artist

Hands & Feet book illustration Mayke Sassen visual artist

I paint from a passion to get to know who and where I am.
I once had a dream, I was on stage giving a brilliant performance.
At the end, I noticed that the curtain had been closed during the session.
I want to open that curtain and share.
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    1. Doris Eis says:

      Dear Mayke, many thanks for your kind reply! I am most happy your work is still flourishing! Even though I have not planned any visit to France, I may consider visiting the coming year. If so, I very much would like to let you know in advance. In case life brings you to Zurich, please do not hesitate to let me know. With kind regards, Doris

    2. seanseamour says:

      Dear Doris,
      Thank you for your message and interest in my work. I have not posted my most recent works but there paintings available. These can be seen at the Gallery Sens Intérieur in Port Cogolin and of course at my studio here in our hamlet. Should you visit our region I would be pleased to present my work.
      Best regards,

    3. Doris Eis says:

      Dear Mayke
      I very much cherish your paintings. are there any for sale …?
      Many thanks & best regards,
      Doris Eis
      Zürich, Switzerland

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