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Dernière leçon apprise du naufrage du Sean Seamour II

October 20, 2010 in Dernière leçon apprise du naufrage de Sean Seamour II, SEA

🇫🇷 Le 7 mai 2007 ‘une vague scélérate estimée entre 24 et 36 mètres de haut a percuté notre flanc bâbord au milieu de la nuit. Les miracles qui nous ont permis de survivre sont contés; les héros qui nous ont arrachés à ce maelström médaillés; les leçons apprises publiées. Cependant, lors des remises des ces décorations…

A Final Lesson Learned from Sean Seamour II

August 14, 2009 in A Final Lesson Learned from Sean Seamour II

Just one year ago today a rogue wave estimated between 80 and 120 feet high pounced upon Sean Seamour II …

Death’s Door by Doug Campbell

August 12, 2009 in SEA

Death's Door in Soundings November magazine by Douglas A. Campbell Senior Writer is the story of Sean Seamour II rescue and a glimpse at the investigation regarding the malfunction and duplication by cloning of the ACR EPIRB hexadecimal code that almost cost the life of the crew

US Coast Guard crews honored by her Majesty’ services after saving Sean Seamour II crew

August 9, 2007 in L'histoire de Sean Seamour II, Sean Seamour II log of events

The US Coast Guard crews (HH-60 and C-130) are the true heroes of the day for their extraordinary rescue of the Sean Seamour II crew. The HH-60 crew is to be recognized (we hope and are pushing) by both the Canadian and US governments for their courage and valor.