Epitaph for the Sean Seamour II

November 10, 2009 in Epitaph for Sean Seamour II, SEA

"Met a rogue wave on the seventh of May 2007, Sean Seamour, Harwichport MA"

“Met a rogue wave on the seventh of May 2007, Sean Seamour, Harwichport MA”

The storm has subsided, Seanee as we always affectionately called her for me, him for Mayke, lies at rest 2500 leagues deep in the Hatteras Trench.

After Mayke painted “Widow Walk du Camp de la Suyère“, so premonitory of the events of May 7, a silent resignation invaded her vision of Sean Seamour II  resting at the bottom of the Hatteras Pit, she paints her epitaph, an immortalization which allows our creativity to rebound and a new adventure to emerge.

I singled out this part of Mayke’s rendering of Seanee at rest for the artist within her still sees blue sky from the depths as the epitaph reads “met a rogue wave on the seventh of May 2007”. The full painting lies below.

Disheartening as our loss may be our joy of being together after surmounting these events is blissful, our retreat deep in the Maures mountain range has quieted the tumultuous strain of events and healed the wounds. As life goes on dreams again take hold, Sean Seamour III shall be, her story is already being written as a new adventure at http://www.greenboatbateauvert.com/

Art and Sea in Provence will continue to relate our melding of two passions, but for those interested in the technical challenge of the Greening of Sean Seamour III you will need to travel between our two sites. I am also looking to make GreenBoat / BateauVert a bi-lingual English – French site, for those interested in contributing French language skills to this new adventure please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Epitaph for Sean Seamour II
oil on canvas 60 X 80cm

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