The widow walk of Camp de la Suyere, waiting on Sean Seamour II

June 28, 2009 in The widow walk of Camp de la Suyere

On Sunday the 6th of May I felt sick, I felt in the middle of a fog, I was tired,
tired of the black painting with a lady dressed in white sitting on a red couch,
she used to sit in a hotel room in Provence .

I painted that room out, it was the past.

How lost I felt, lost in a sea.
I kept seeing our Sean Seamour II plowing through the waves – on and on and on.
They were crossing the Atlantic and I was sitting here waiting.

From my window enormous trees were towering over the house, black and menacing,
the ground rolling up an down.
I painted the house facing the woman, trees and rolling ground in the background.

On the seventh I painted a white road through and past the house,
disappearing in the distance, it looked like a gigantic wave.

That afternoon I learned that the boat had sunk, swallowed under a big white wave
where (s)he now rests three miles down on the bottom of the Ocean, O Sean.
The crew was saved, they would all come home, the waiting was over.

Mayke & Jean Pierre de Lutz
Camp de la Suyère, 83680 La Garde Freinet, France
post tropical storm Andrea, the final log of s/v Sean Seamour II can be read at

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