Mayke in Miroir de l’Art

Following the double page spread of Mayke’s work in 2010 showing four of her works here below the leading and well known independent magazine of contemporary art has just published their special edition 2012 featuring their choice of “100 essential contemporary artists” (they use the word “incontournable” or “that cannot be ignored”).

As they had published a two page spread on Mayke’s work in a previous edition (presented below), for the special edition they chose one of last years works “Clueless”

Beyond the comment of Gallery Sens Intérieur’ Bruno Bernard, the magazine went on to characterize her work and their decision to include her by saying (in the hope of being true to their expression) “Mayke Sassen has developed powerful themes, and why deny they are somewhat atypical in an environment sometimes reticent in regard to contemporary art. The artwork presented here reaches into depths with profound resonances. On carefully positioned flats, skillfully mastered tonalities, Mayke Sassen’ use of oil paint carries us so close to a universe rustling with life, death, sounds and thunder, outcries, of desperate cavalcades”

This years exhibition is over, a new expression you can see in prior posts once again demonstrates her constant quest and renewal. The show is over but her work is on permanent display at the Gallery Sens Intérieur.

Here is the July August 2010 article, cover and double page spread



The scanned magazine print is difficult to visualize, as Nioulargue and Golfe de Saint Tropez are both in private collections I am adding Baghdad below

1257 The Battle of Baghdad – oil and oil pastel on canvas.
A battle of Mameluke against Mogul on the backdrop of the hanging gardens of Baghdad – the Moguls, a people whose livelihood centered on horses.


Mayke in Miroir de l’Art

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Mayke in Miroir de l’Art

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