Mayke Sassen back to Saint Tropez

March 23, 2009 in ART, Postings from the Atelier

mayke sassen – visual artist


Un an avant de trouver notre paradis Mayke à fait ce tableau, la palissade rappelle la notion de “camp” du Camp de la Suyère, les deux maisons attachées rappelle la notre constituée de deux maisons du hameau intégrées, la troisième presque aveugle la grange qui deviendra son atelier.


Background of Mayke (little Mary in Dutch) Sassen

Mayke Sassen is a Dutch citizen living in Provence, deep in the Massif des Maures mountain range overlooking the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Born and educated in Holland she studied the Beaux Arts and Theater, becoming a drama teacher for several years before dedicating herself exclusively to visual arts.

Visiting Mayke’ website one can discover the very eclectic nature of her work drawing upon the variousareas of the world in which she has lived and expressed her art.

Although she has the most often shunned the public eye, preferring to work on commissions and and a network of collectors who have absorbed most of her work, she has engaged in successful exhibitions in Holland, Japan and Nigeria.  For the past ten years she has had a “living gallery” with her husband, a “Hotel de Charme” in the Luberon region of Provence.   Visit  the  inn’s website designed by Mayke and the artwork of and in the rooms, another dimension to her portfolio 

Beyond the private collections for the most part in Europe, she has works in many corners of the world to include Imperial College in London, the University of Louvain Belgium, Shell headquarters in Lagos Nigeria and Shell Center London.

Until she recently moved to la  Garde Freinet her Atelier was adjacent to the Auberge du Presbytere where a substantial part of her recent work can be seen on permanent exhibition. Her atelier and current work can be seen on the internet upon request, ideally by an email link she would pleased to provide.

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