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s/v Sean Seamour II photo-history

August 12, 2013 in SEA

If you look at the photo of our life-raft on the side of the mountain of water it is hard to imagine, but to put these incredible 70+ foot wave in perspective consider Hurricane Grace in 1991 that led to book and movie “A Perfect Storm” had averaged waves of 37 to 50 feet and rogue waves hitting 100 feet. Sub Tropical Storm Andrea that led to our demise had waves that averaged 70 feet with rogues waves much higher!

A Storm Too Soon, a true story by Michael Tougias

January 25, 2013 in SEA

Michael Tougias’ newest best selling true story 
of our disaster, survival, 
and incredible rescue titled “A Storm Too Soon”’ is missing pictures in the hard cover first print run (some will be included in the soft cover version in 2014) so I have scoured years of old computers to reconstitute a history of our s/v Sean Seamour II, it is a work in progress but have a look, much of our ordeal is related through stills of the video the US Coast Guard made of our rescue

Negotiating Bridges on the Inter-coastal Waterway

January 15, 2012 in SEA

We left from Tampa where Seanee had spent the summer under José’ close watch, it had been a year since her successful if tumultuous crossing from the Mediterranean. With our […]

Epitaph for the Sean Seamour II

November 10, 2009 in Epitaph for Sean Seamour II, SEA

The storm has subsided, Seanee as we always affectionately called her for me, him for Mayke, lies at rest 2500 leagues deep in the Hatteras Trench. I singled out this part of Mayke’s rendering of Seanee at rest for the artist within her still sees blue sky from the depths as the epitaph reads “met a rogue wave on the seventh of May 2007”. The full painting lies below.

Death’s Door by Doug Campbell

August 12, 2009 in SEA

Death's Door in Soundings November magazine by Douglas A. Campbell Senior Writer is the story of Sean Seamour II rescue and a glimpse at the investigation regarding the malfunction and duplication by cloning of the ACR EPIRB hexadecimal code that almost cost the life of the crew

The widow walk of Camp de la Suyere, waiting on Sean Seamour II

June 28, 2009 in The widow walk of Camp de la Suyere

Our move back to Saint Tropez from the Luberon is over, albeit with the terrible loss of our Sean Seamour II in sub-tropical storm Andrea. From 4000 miles away I felt the storm brew then explode, Camp de la Suyere became my widow walk, canvas my only connection to nature' course.

Video du sauvetage du l’équipage de Sean Seamour II

May 19, 2009 in L'histoire de Sean Seamour II

🇫🇷 Video du sauvetage des trois membres de l'équipage de Sean Seamour II en face du Cap Hatteras le 7 mai dernier, a peine une minutes des 30 disponibles… dans des creux de plus de 20mètres (70 pieds)

Sean Seamour II rescue video

May 19, 2009 in Sean Seamour II rescue video

I have uploaded the Sean Seamour II rescue video edited by NOAA for the COSPAS SARSAT 25th anniversary
Sean Seamour II rescue

Additionally, WPLG Local 10,
the ABC station …

s/v Sean Seamour II – the final log entry

February 13, 2009 in s/v Sean Seamour II - the final log entry, SEA

This is the log of actions and events driven by the only subsequently named Sub-tropical Storm Andrea, leading to the sinking of s/v Sean Seamour II and the successful rescue of its entire crew on the early morning of May 7th 2007.

Récit du naufrage de Sean Seamour II

February 13, 2009 in L'histoire de Sean Seamour II, SEA

(extraits du magazine Voiles et Voiliers # 438) Jean-Pierre quitte la Floride avec deux équipiers à bord de son Océanis 44 CC, direction Gibraltar. Après quatre jours de mer, au large du Cap Hatteras, l’équipage doit faire face à un coup de vent bien plus fort que prévu.

Action summary for the US Coast Guard rescue of Sean Seamour II’ crew

August 8, 2007 in Sean Seamour II log of events

The US Coast Guard action report on the Sean Seamour II rescue is another extraordinary demonstration of valor and courage, the parallel between Kevin Costner' The Guardian is not limited to Comdr. Smith' role as co-pilot, here again the winch cable…