Sean Seamour IV rigged and ready

After four months in the able hands of Shipwright Alain Cros and the continued support of our insurance company Pantaenius Monaco Sean Seamour IV is ready and rigged for the new season, her 43rd no less!.

Built in the 1936 Nordic Folkboat tradition her clinker wood hull dried so much in Alain’s workshop that upon splash I feared we would have to pull her out. From bow to stern water was gushing in so fast the 500 gph Rule pump was cycling every forty seconds, looking at some areas of the bilge was to be sprayed in the face.

While Alain checked her hull and bilge rise I actioned the Whale pump positioned in here stern – there too surprise prevailed as it drew air rather than inflowing water. Dave and I quickly disassembled it and cleaned passages plugged with dried caked brine then replaced the rubber clappers.  The electric Rule pump held up to the inflow but fear prevailed through the night. By early next morning we were down to four minutes, the third day twenty four.

As I finished her rigging yesterday there was no cycling all morning, at noon I emptied the residual water with the Whale and the bilge remained dry. The remaining water lying on the clinker tops should finish the job of rehydrating the planks. At forty three years young she made quite a comeback.

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