Mayke’s 2015 Exhibition

2015 is a “grand cru” of Mayke’s work, returning to some of her basics with that ability to meld the abstract with the figurative expressed with depth and texture. Then again her work theme this year is in short “Moi-je”. “Moi-je” that “id”expression form the French language possess in a sort of innate, instinctive, often impulsive but definitely assertive “me, I”, that “id” recognizable when thinking back to presidential candidate Holland’s colloquial (when) “Moi President”, Moi-je… ever since a question in her mind.

Moi-je look through time

“Moi-je” – Je-Moi, Look Through the Maze of Time, oil on canvas 90cm x 100cm

There is an introspective on time as above in her “Je-Moi looking back through the maze of time”, then she rolls out variations on the expression,
from the rambunctious in-your face defiance, perhaps not politically correct but Bruno jumped on it for this year’s exhibition flyer announcing the September 4 opening or vernissage if you will, here is a link:


Moi-je, Gitane Forever (oil on canvas 40cm x 40cm) from 2015 exhibition flyer

then from fashion to self portraits and on to its modern but not rocket science epitomization in the “moi-je selfie…” trend.

Moi-je Selfie my Posterity

Moi-je, Selfie my Posterity, oil on canvas 90cm x 100cm

The show opens this year at the Gallery Sens Intérieur (how appropriate, we will call it Gallery “Moi-Je” for a month) on September 4th at 7pm, hope you can make it.

Below you will find a slideshow with much of this year’s work, there is a lot so it may take a minute to load.

If you wish to have more information on a specific artwork hover over the picture to navigate back or forward or to bring up the description and technique of the particular artwork (a pause button will appear in top). Enjoy!