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Art and Sea in Provence is the crossroad of three passions, Mayke’s lifelong devotion to visual arts and JP’s passion for the sea and old stones. This website is the story of our return to this endearing part of the Mediterranean coast where hidden away in our mountain hamlet we meld our dreams.

Two years before we discovered Camp de la Suyère Mayke imagined our final destination, in this oil on canvas she imagined two hamlet houses joined at the hip, a stand alone building to become her studio. The palisade is reminscent of a camp’s stockade, the aerial vigilance watching for forest fires a summer constant. Never fear, our orchard of chestnut trees several hundred years old shows the wisdom of elders in selecting our haven centuries before.


For those interested in either of our passions the links below will lead you to Mayke’s visual art website Atelier Camp de la Suyere www.mayke-sassen.com. You can start by visiting About Me in English or Français, or go to ART and visit my on-line galleries. If you are in our region my work is permanently exhibited at the Gallery Sens Intérieur, Bruno Bernard will be happy to show you my work.

For JP’s challenges, rehabilitating our hamlet you will find under Hamlet Camp de la Suyere a partial story of his endeavors.
Paradigms are but snapshots of a given reality; here, gone with A frame and plasterboard construction, gone with the right angle drill to feed your plumbing or electrics. It is with hammer and cold chisel that old material constraints need to be meld with evermore stringent building codes; where wiring requires the compromise of contour, respect for the tolerances of edifications conceived and often having endured millennia.
I first learned to master these trades as we rehabilitated the Auberge du Presbytere and then our home Maison La Fontaine, it brought me back to the childhood memory of Mr. Zinni with his thick Italian accent. Plasterer by trade migrant from the old country; he was there to plaster the almost century old walls of the farmhouse in the New York Catskill mountains. As he applied his trade he would ask me if I wanted some of his vanilla ice cream, I would shy away but watch in awe as he would spread his plaster over the wood lattice to a smooth finish. Over the years I would learn to master many trades but his.
Then there is the Greening of Sean Seamour III and now Sean Seamour IV
The GreenBoat BateauVert Adventure is an effort to monitor, analyze and implement new and emerging technologies important to bettering our environment, and to help mariners and sailors who aspire to go green choose and implement the appropriate solutions. Our website under construction is designed to be both a reference base and window through which relate our trials and tribulations.

It all started after the loss of our Sean Seamour II between Cape Hatteras and Bermuda in May 2007, after survivingpost-named  ST Storm Andrea I was in a quandary to define what Sean Seamour III should be.
Mayke had long insisted that we should have a silent boat (no diesel engine to smell or hear) and a catamaran because it offers a more stable platform. I had long insisted that we would never have a boat that could not right itself from a 180°. After the events of May 7th (see my Final Log) moving to a Catamaran is no longer a debate, on the other hand, silent clean propulsion where wind fails to fill our sails remains both her desire and my curiosity.


About Art Sea Provence


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      Je suis Jane Peterson, j’ai vu ces œuvres de création sur votre site et je veux que tu reviennes avec plus de détails si elles sont toujours disponibles à l’achat.

      Je suis heureux si vous pouvez me faire parvenir des travaux récents que vous avez à vendre avec le prix demandé alors je me demandais si vous acceptez BANQUE (Cheque) comme moyen de paiement. S’il vous plaît envoyez-moi (janepeterson01@live.com), par e-mail plus d’informations sur toutes les œuvres que vous avez en stock plaisir d’y répondre rapidement.

      Jane Peterson

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      Nous avons découvert votre travail, celui-ci nous plaît. Nous aimerions beaucoup le présenter sur notre site et ainsi le faire découvrir au plus grand nombre.

      Nous avons au départ créé ArtBook.me pour des amis artistes qui avaient besoin d’avoir un site en ligne. Petit à petit, le projet a grossi et est devenu un portail artistique à part entière. Cependant, le but d’origine est toujours le même : offrir aux artistes un site gratuit, sans publicité, ni commission.

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